So What?

After reading all of the content on this blog, you might be wondering why it’s important to focus on the way that trans people are represented in media. After all, isn’t it just good that they’re being represented at all?

I believe that representation isn’t meaningful unless it’s accurate, positive, and consistent. By this, I mean that characters (both fictional and nonfictional) that identify with a certain group should be a realistic representation of that group and what they contribute to the world. After all, people might be learning about a certain community for the first time through the media that they consume. It is ultimately harmful to misrepresent marginalized people in popular media, because it can contribute to misconceptions and stereotypes about them. People (especially teenagers & young adults) are quick to believe what they see on television and the internet, so it is important for people putting out content to take this into consideration. Marginalized people should also be consulted in the creation of media, so that they can ensure the most accurate representation possible. Although it’s not realistic to expect a day to come where all representation is perfect, I hope that it continues improving for the sake of communities like the trans community. Better representation will undoubtedly lead to a more accepting and safe society!


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